Dynamic Reporting - Dynamic Reporting Engine Overview

Dynamic Reporting Engine (DRE) provides a useful way to drill down and explore your web, API, and mobile traffic, including:

  • Dashboards – Filter, generate visualizations, and share custom data sets to dig deep into your request data. Leverage Distil-managed out-of-the-box reports and tailor unique dashboards for your organization.
  • Explore – Sift through near real-time request data and leverage more than 100 various fields to view and filter on, then save filter sets and visualizations as custom dashboards. 


Accessing DRE

Access to DRE in the Distil Portal is based on a user’s role. An admin user must grant access to DRE via the Account Management Settings page.

To access DRE

  1. Log in to the Distil Portal.
  2. Click Dynamic Reporting Engine on the top banner menu.


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