Dynamic Reporting - Dashboards Overview

Combining a mix of filtered data sets, charts, and other visualizations, Dashboards provide versatile views into your request traffic. DRE provides Distil-managed and maintained dashboards, as well as the ability to create custom dashboards specific to your organization.

Dashboards are automatically updated and refreshed to ensure you are investigating with the most up-to-date data.



Dashboards are built using tiles. Tiles can be either static content (such as text and headings) or dynamic charts. 


Charts are the visualization output of a saved Explore. Additionally you can open a dashboard chart in an Explore window to investigate the data even further.


Accessing DRE Dashboards

To access DRE dashboards:

  1. Log in to the Distil Portal.
  2. Click Dynamic Reporting Engine on the top banner menu.


Navigating Dashboards

View the dashboards you have access to by clicking the Dashboards dropdown menu. 

NOTE: Dashboards are organized by Global, Account, and then Domain level access.


Hover your cursor over individual data points to view additional details and values.


Click an individual data point to drill deeper into the information behind each one. Drill downs offer a customized, granular view per field to provide relevant and useful information.


While viewing a drill down, click Explore from Here to explore the data. Sift through near real-time request data and leverage more than 100 various filters.


The Explore window displays the query, the filters applied on the dashboard, and a variety of charts and other visualizations. 

Refine the results by adding more filters, changing the fields, and editing the visualization. 


Once you have completed an investigation, you can:

  • Save the explore as a Look
  • Save the explore to a Dashboard
    CAUTION: Saving the explore to the dashboard you are working in will not alter the chart you explored from. Instead, it will add an additional tile for the explore.
  • Merge Results
  • Remove Fields and Filters
  • Clear Cache and Refresh
    NOTE: This option ensures you are viewing the latest data. By default, most results are cached for 1 hour.



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