Disabling Cached Links of Web Pages

Google and other good SEOs may store a copy of the pages of your website, unless explicitly told to not maintain a cache of the web page. See the link below for information on this behavior for Google. 

If there is a copy of an HTML page maintained outside of actual web site that is being protected by Distil, then the bad bots may go directly to the cached copy that is not protected by Distil. This type of behavior allows bots to scrape any content available at the cached HTML without going through Distil.

To prevent bots from scraping the SEO cached content, you will need to implement the following meta tag to disable the caching. Please note, that this does not negatively impact your SEO.


<meta name="robots" content="noarchive">

 For more information on this meta tag, please see the documentation in the following link. 

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