How to sort data in the Domain List?

When first logging into the portal, users land in the Domain List, which lists all the domains associated with the account. This view shows traffic on each domain categorized as Humans, Whitelisted, Good Bots, Bad Bots, and Total requests.

Users are able to sort the Domain List by all columns in the table.

To sort by any of the columns, click on the column header you want to sort by.


Each column can be sorted in ascending or descending order. To toggle between these two views, click on the column header again until the desired order is shown.

Sort by Total Requests
By default, the table is sorted by Total requests column with the domain with the most requests at the top.


Sort Alphabetically by Domain Name
Sort by the Domain Name column to easily find a specific domain in the alphabetical list.


Sort by the Bad Bots column to investigate the domains with the most bad bot traffic.

Sort by the other columns as appropriate.

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