What Content Cannot be Cached on Distil’s CDN?

When caching your content with Distil, you do not need to worry about specific file types (e.g., dynamic, static), extensions (e.g., .HTML, .HTM, .CSS, .PHP), or scheme (HTTP vs. HTTPS). Rather, you only need to enable caching on the Content Distribution page in the portal and set the default expiration for cached items. Once configured, Distil will respect any cache headers you have in place.

However, there are limitations regarding what you can and cannot cache. Content meeting any of the following criteria will be excluded from the cache:

  • Content having headers that prevent caching
  • Content served back having the following upstream content types*
    • Beginning with `video`
    • Beginning with `audio`
    • `application/octet-stream`
    • `application/x-rar-compressed`
    • `application/zip`
    • `application/gzip`
    • `application/x-gzip`
    • `application/x-gtar`
    • `application/pdf`
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