I've Updated My Account to the New Distil Platform. What's New in the Portal?

Distil regularly releases updates to make our platform faster, more powerful, and easier to use. They don’t usually require additional steps to upgrade or transition to new versions, but our October 2016 update being an exception. It requires you to reach out to Distil to migrate your account and its domains to make use of our latest features and enhancements.

Ready to migrate your account and its domains? Reach out to Distil to see if your account is ready.

What’s New in the Portal?

Once your account is migrated, you will notice the following changes in the Portal.

Universal Access Control Lists

There is a new header option for Access Control Lists. We’ve expanded our ACL system to include more sophisticated functionality. It also bridges together ACL management for our API and web security products. You can build access control lists and apply them either to a domain or a specific path.


The IP access list (A, above left) on the domain Settings page is now named Access Control Lists (C, above right) and links to the Universal Access Control List page. Country block list (B, above left) is no longer shown, since blocking by country is fully integrated within the universal ACL.

Cache Options

We’ve streamlined the in-Portal cache controls for the Distil CDN. Now you only need to enable content caching and set the expiration window (D, above), rather than selecting file types or other cache options. We will inspect every file type—dynamic or static—according to your cache control headers. Read here for more information about cache control headers and the Distil CDN.

Manage your cache no longer includes configurations (E, above) for static file and dynamic file expirations, mobile cache, URLs without an extension, and caching for specific extensions (F, above).

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