Distil Product Updates - November 2016

Universal Access Control Lists

We’ve reinvented the idea of the ACL. This update enhances and empowers your blacklists and whitelists for entire domains–both web domains and API domains–and single URLs. Additionally, you’re now able to create and manage multiple ACLs perfectly tailored for any purpose, granting or denying access according to user agents and device fingerprints.


Hi-Def Fingerprinting

Hi-def device fingerprinting goes beyond traditional IP address-only identification. It actively pulls additional data from the browser to identify devices with precision. By minimizing false positives and creating an even clearer picture of web traffic, this lets web defenders make access decisions with certainty.


Heighten CAPTCHA Protection with FunCaptcha

FunCaptcha is a new, fun way to automate human vs. computer testing by using puzzles and games in your Distil deployment. It also serves as an effective workaround where language barriers and geographic firewalls are a consideration.


Track API Token Abuse

The Token Distribution report shows API tokens and IPs prone to malicious or abusive requests. Use it to isolate problem tokens and IPs, and then blacklist them from making future attempts.

Integration Guides

We’ve recently rolled out a number of integration guides. They help you understand, strategize, and deploy integrations with key load balancers, including F5 LTM, NetScaler, and HAProxy.  


How to Scrape a Website in 60 Seconds

Web scrapers have become increasingly popular as a cheap—sometimes free—way to pull text, images, and links from websites without much technical expertise. Watch our short demo video to discover how easy it is for a scraper to rummage through an unprotected site—versus one protected by Distil. 



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