Managing Associated Rules

Once you've created associated rules, use the ASSOCIATED RULES tab to manage protective rules on an ACL, including:

  • Actions – Select one or multiple rules to edit basic rule settings, including Type, Access Rights, and Note, or to delete the rule(s).

    NOTE: You must select one or more rules from the table to enable the Actions dropdown menu.
  • Search this list... – Search for specific associated rule name or note.

  • Page Select – Browse through the pages of your associated rules or jump to a specific page.

    NOTE: Pagination begins at 11 associated rules.
  • Export Rules to .CSV – Select this to downloads all associated rules for the ACL. Use the exported .CSV to edit and upload associated rules in bulk.

The associated rules table provides an overview of the ACL rules, including:

  • Type – The rule category (e.g. IP, organization, country, header, etc.)
  • Name – Name of the associated rule
  • Access – Whitelist or blacklist
  • Expires – Date and time the associated rule expires
  • Updated – Date and time the associated rule was last updated
  • Notes – Notes as to why the rule was created

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