Adding Associated Rules

Now that you've created an ACL, tailor it with associated rules. 

To add associated rules to an ACL:

  1. Select the ACL from the ACL dashboard.
  2. Click + Create or Upload Rule(s) on the ASSOCIATED RULES tab.

  3. Select an option from the Rule Type dropdown menu. The option you select from the Rule Type dropdown creates a corresponding Value field. For example, choosing IP Address creates an IP Addresses field where you can enter any number of addresses. Choosing Country creates a Country field where you can enter a country code.

    NOTE: Enter the corresponding Value with the following matches in mind: Header and Device ID values are exact, case-insensitive matches. IdentifierCountry, and Extension are exact, case-sensitive matches. ReferrerOrganization, and User Agent are pattern matches.

  4. Set Access Rights, either Whitelist or Blacklist.

  5. Select an option from the Expires dropdown menu and then enter a value in the subsequent field.

    NOTE: The option you select from the Expires dropdown creates a corresponding value. For example, choosing Custom (ISO 8601 format) (shown below) creates a Date select YYYY-MM-DD field and a Time (UTC) HH:MM field where you can enter a specific date a time the associated rule will expire.

  6. Enter any relevant notes about the associate rule in the Notes field.

  7. Click Save Rule(s).

Alternately, you can upload associated rules in bulk by uploading a .CSV file.

Now that you've tailored your ACL with associated rules, assign them to associated paths.


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