Access Control Lists Dashboard

To access the ACL dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Distil Networks Portal.
  2. Click Access Control Lists on the banner menu.

The ACL dashboard provides all of the tools you’ll need to manage your ACLs with Distil, including:

    • Search ACLs – Search across all of your ACLs for a specific data point, such as an ACL name, rule value, or note.

    • Actions Delete a single ACL or multiple ACLs directly within the dashboard.
      NOTE: You must select one or more ACLs from the table to access the Actions dropdown menu.

    • Page Select – Browse through the pages of your ACL or jump to a specific page.
      NOTE: Pagination begins with 11 ACLs.

    • + Create a New ACL – Open a blank ACL to create associated rules and assign them to associated paths.

Click an ACL record to manage and update it, including its:

  • Associated Rules – Protective rules associated with the ACL, including the type, name, access, and notes.
  • Associated Paths – Domains and/or specific URLs for pages, content, and API endpoints.
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