Why Are Plugins Incorrectly Routing Traffic? (Unable to Identify)

Users browsing a site protected by Distil Networks may experience an error due to a plugin, such as Google Chrome’s Data Saver extension. This extension routes your network traffic through a third-party data center or other proxy.

Why is a plugin causing me to get blocked?

This type of plugin works by routing unencrypted requests from your browser through a third-party service, while still allowing your browser to directly send other requests. Such third-party requests often come from data centers that are geographically dispersed throughout the world, making a single request appear as though it is simultaneously coming from multiple browsers and locations. This ultimately leads to browser validation issues that result in receiving the “Unable To Identify Your Browser” page.

How do I resolve this issue?

We recommend either disabling the plugin extension before accessing the site or visiting the website over a secure (HTTPS) connection.

For disabling the plugin in the Chrome browser on your computer:

  1. Click the Data Saver icon in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Turn Off Data Saver.

For disabling the plugin in the Chrome browser on your Android device:

  1. Open the Chrome app.
  2. Tap  and then Settings.
  3. Under Advanced, tap Data Saver.
  4. Switch the setting to Off.
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