Customization and Branding Overview

Out of the box, your Distil Networks deployment comes preconfigured with various response pages. By default they display Distil branding. Some of the pages are served as configured threat responses. Others might be served during certain browser validation/fingerprinting scenarios, or when Distil cannot reach your site.

To maintain an experience consistent with your brand, we recommend developing and deploying simple, custom HTML pages to replace those that are Distil-branded.

Below is an example of Distil’s default Captcha page. You can customize your own version using your own images and text.

Here is a list of customizable pages that display the default Distil branding:




JS Validate

Unable to Identify

Error Page


Customization Process

  1. Build your custom HTML page(s). Many customers repurpose an existing HTML page error page (such as a 404 error page) and replace the text where applicable.
  2. Include the Distil comment tags for each page, according to the specific page you are creating.
    1. For Threat Response pages, refer to this article.
    2. For Browser Validation pages, refer to this article.
    3. For custom Error and Catch-All pages (private deployments only), refer to this article.
  3. Optional – Customize your Threat Response pages to support multiple languages, if your users reside in regions outside of that where your native language is spoken.
  4. Optional – Use Google Analytics to customize your Threat Response pages so as to get an even better understanding of the traffic hitting them.
  5. Test your Threat Response page(s).

Note: Browser Validation, as well as Error and Catch-All pages, can be served even when the threat response is set to Monitor Only.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to Distil support.

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