Distil Product Updates - June 2016


Configure Machine Learning Settings In The Portal

Adjust the sensitivity of our machine learning algorithms on a per-domain basis. Are you particularly concerned with security on a specific domain? Ratchet up the machine learning settings and we’ll tighten the screws on your web security posture.


Enable Known Violator Data Centers Protection

Distil Networks maintains a list of troublesome data centers that commonly host malicious requests; it blocks any traffic from these centers upon the first request. You can now fully manage response actions for known data center violators. This includes both common cloud and managed hosting providers, such as Amazon and Rackspace. Choose to completely block or present a CAPTCHA form to all known violator data center-based requests, rather than single out and block nefarious requests one by one.


Assign Maintenance And Emergency Contacts

To ensure the correct message gets to the right person without delay, you can now assign unique recipients of system maintenance and emergency outage notifications. Available on the Account Management page for your account in the Distil Networks portal, you can enter a recipient’s email address and select a notification type from a dropdown list.


Empower Your API Security With Up To Four Custom Tokens

You can now leverage up to four custom tokens when managing your API security settings. Set individual custom token names, locations (header, body, argument, and cookie), and location priority (where Distil checks for the tokens).


Email And Save Click Fraud Report Data

To avoid timeout issues for customers having large amounts of report data, we’ve modified [Download CSV] button behavior on the Click Fraud report. We now email you a download link once the report data is compiled and ready for download. This way, you can forward the emailed link and avoid download problems when generating and saving the report’s data.



Distil Fingerprinting Is Getting Bigger And Better

Distil’s original fingerprinting method analyzed 40 bits of information to uniquely identify a user, making it tricky for malicious bots to obscure their identity. We’re increasing the resolution of our fingerprint to ensure less fingerprint collisions making it even harder for bots to sneak past Distil.



Blocking Bots By IP Is Only The First Step In Protection

Although you can use your access control list to blacklist troublesome IP addresses from accessing your site, blocking bots by IP is just a band-aid to a bigger problem. Bots cycle through IP addresses, obfuscate their source, and hide out in residential botnets to avoid their blacklisted IPs.


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