Improving Website Performance with Web Security Settings

Depending how content is distributed, domain settings let you tweak the overall performance of your website.

Content Distribution

Content distribution settings let you improve your site’s performance by enabling content cache and compression.
NOTE: These settings largely pertain to cloud customers. In cloud deployments, Distil acts as a reverse proxy to cache static assets, thereby offloading bandwidth from your origin server and speeding up the performance of your site.

Content distribution settings also give you the option to:

  • Enter custom client IP headers
  • Configure proxy upstream timeouts

Managing your cache through the Distil Portal lets you enable content caching, no matter what type (static or dynamic) or extension (e.g., .HTML, .HTM, .CSS, .PHP), and set the cache to expire within a set number of minutes. We will inspect every file type according to your cache control headers. Read here for more information on cache control headers and the Distil CDN.


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