Distil Product Updates - April 2016

Protect your APIs with Distil's API Security

Our Web Security protects your web sites' content and of through an evolving mix of detection methods, response actions, and more. Our API Security introduces protection that is of equal importance in defending against automated attacks, API abuse, and developer errors. Whether your APIs power a frontend website, partner data access, or a mobile client, you can automatically protect them and enforce any business rules you've put in place.


Use Distil APIs to integrate your existing apps and tools

Our developer API lets you manage your content protection and acceleration settings programmatically. Leveraging our REST-based API allows use of core functionality, enabling a seamless bridge connecting your own solutions and workflows with Distil data. This is helpful for tightly integrating Distil with existing web applications, content management systems, or other backend systems. You can also test calls using your own data in the API Reference Portal before making calls on actual production data.


Streamline your domain management with wildcards

Our wildcard feature is designed for customers having a large volume of domains or subdomains. It eliminates having to enter every domain and subdomain in the Portal. Using wildcards lets you manage a single set of traffic routing rules, protection settings, and distribution settings no matter what domain or subdomain your users are attempting to access.


How-to videos in Help Center

We are currently producing a series of videos that explore various aspects of the portal. These educational videos provide quick and easy tutorials. Subscribe to our tutorial playlist on YouTube to be notified when we release new videos, including upcoming tutorials on individual reports available for Web Security and API Security.


Apply your content protection and cache settings in bulk

We recently rolled out a new bulk management feature to efficiently manage the protection of hundreds, and even thousands of domains. Now you have the ability to provision and configure settings for multiple domains in a manner that is as easy as configuring settings for a single domain. 


The Distil team has never been more committed to your success. We thrive on developing and delivering new features to better suite your needs. We are eager to hear your feedback, so please don't hesitate to reach out at with any questions, comments, or things you'd like to see in the future!

Thank you for being a part of the Distil Family.

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