Threats Overview Report

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Use the Threats Overview report to review basic metrics on bad bot classifications, threats by originating country, and bad bot triggers. It’s the starting point in researching malicious traffic targeting your site.

Accessing the Threats Overview Report

Follow these steps to access the Threats Overview report:

  1. Log in to the Distil Networks Portal to access the Domains dashboard.
  2. Select a domain.
  3. Click Reports on the banner menu.

  4. Click Threats Overview to expand the Reports dropdown menu.
  5. Click Click Fraud.

Reviewing the Threats Overview Report

The Threats Overview report includes:

  • Date Filter – Specific date range highlighted by the Threats Overview report.
  • Bad Bot Classification – Categorized breakdown of all bad bots threatening your site. Use the Bad Bot Report to gain a deeper understanding of your bad bots.
  • Top 5 Threats by Country – Breakdown of countries having the highest number of threats against your site. Use the Malicious Countries Report to dig deeper into the geolocation of your bad bots.
  • What we protected you from – Breakdown of the ways Distil detected and blocked bad bots. Use the Trap Analysis Report to see extensive details and blacklist or whitelist specific IP addresses.
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