Reporting Overview

The Distil portal offers detailed, real-time reports available for all deployments. They provide extensive traffic overviews for all of your protected domains. Leverage any of them to make calculated decisions and targeted configurations in balancing the protection and performance of your sites.

Reports Dropdown

Distil is continually adding and powering up reports available through the portal. Access them from the Reports dropdown located in the top menu bar. They’re organized by:

  • Traffic Analysis – Review types of incoming traffic, effectiveness of Distil cache versus your personal cache, and breakdowns of upstream response times and HTTP errors.  
  • Threat Analysis– Drill down to specific threats against your site, including a threat overview and a deeper breakdown of bad bots, organizations, and countries.
  • Premium Reports– See additional site activity, including a breakdown of good bots visiting your site, CAPTCHA requests, click and link statistics, and the top paths or URLs targeted by bots. 

Traffic Analysis Reports

The Traffic Analysis reports group provide a visual representation of how actual users, good bots, and bad bots affect your website and how it is handling the traffic.

Traffic Overview

The Traffic Overview Report shows the total request volume for a selected period, segmented by category. Each request is identified as either a human, a bad bot, a good bot (search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, as well as social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), or a bad bot you have added to your whitelist. 


Upstream HTTP Errors

The Upstream HTTP Errors Report details the number of errors (4xx and 5xx) returned to Distil by your origin server. Use this report to correlate events and identify problems at precise moments in time. Upstream error responses either:

  • Return directly from your origin server,
  • Indicate no response was received from your origin, or
  • Indicate an invalid response was received from your origin server.

Data is summarized by week, day, and hour.
NOTE: This report is based on UTC time.

Threat Analysis

The Threat Analysis group of reports reveals how extensive threats are to your site, as well as the various protection mechanisms Distil used to protect your site from them.

Threats Overview

The Threats Overview Report provides basic metrics on 1) bad bot classifications, 2) threats by originating country, and 3) which Distil threat responses were triggered. You can filter results based on a certain day or month.

Bad Bots

More than just a list of associated IP addresses, the Bad Bots Report provides a dynamic view of the bad bots targeting your site. It’s segmented into a table, listing the name, classification, and total page requests tied to each bot.

Additionally, the Most Frequent Bad Bots by Classification graph provides a quick overview of bat bot activity by classification, while the Most Frequent Bad Bots graph shows bat bot activity broken out by category (e.g., Reporting as Chrome, Reporting as Safari, etc.).

Threats By Organization

Another way to view bad bot information is by lumping together Internet service provider (ISP) owners, otherwise known as organizations. Review this data using the Threats By Organization Report. Bots often come from inexpensive hosting environments such as Amazon and WeHostWebSites; they’re able to cycle through a variety of IP addresses and spin up/spin down different nodes. With this report you’re able to click a given ISP and see a list of IPs from which these violators are coming.

Malicious Countries

The Malicious Countries Report offers an interactive map showing where bad bot threats are coming from. Hover your mouse over any country on the map, or click View Info Table to convert the data to a table view.

Trap Analysis

The Trap Analysis Report displays traps and threat responses by category, triggered by bad bot activity for a selected date range. Click a category to view the associated IPs and the number of violations. This report is useful to see how bad bots are behaving on your website.

Premium Reports

Premium Reports let you view additional site activity—including a breakdown of good bots visiting your site, CAPTCHA requests, click and link statistics, and the top paths or URLs targeted by bots.

Click Fraud

The Click Fraud Report shows how many bad bot clicks are hitting your website through your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Clearly see human versus bad bot clicks. Review detailed, daily click fraud reports across all your advertising networks. Select a specific agency to view even more detail about activity. This report helps you understand where you should (and maybe shouldn’t) invest more resources.

Use this data as evidence to get a refund or credit from your PPC provider.

CAPTCHA Requests

The CAPTCHA Requests Report displays how often a CAPTCHA was served, solved, failed, or if no attempts were made for a specified date range. This report identifies how much traffic is challenged by a CAPTCHA and which actions were taken on the corresponding form.

Good Bots

The Good Bots Report conveys how good bots are crawling your site across different days. Globally recognized “good bots” are whitelisted on the Distil platform as those you want crawling your site. These largely include search engine crawlers (Googlebot, Bingbot, Yahoo Slurp, Baidu, Lycos, Yandex, etc.) and social media crawlers (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+).

Targeted Content

The Targeted Content Report provides a quick and comprehensive overview of the top URLs being targeted by malicious bots per domain. With it you can:

  • Understand the nature of your bot problem
  • Perform ROI analysis on each incoming bot threat
  • Configure key protection settings to improve detection and security actions for targeted pages
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