Upstream HTTP Errors Report

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The Upstream HTTP Errors report details the number of errors (4xx and 5xx) returned by your origin server to Distil. Use it to correlate events and identify problems at precise moments in time.

Upstream error responses either:

  • Return directly from your origin server,
  • Indicate no response was received from your origin, or
  • Indicate an invalid response was received from your origin server.

NOTE: This report is based on UTC time. Data is summarized by week, day, and hour.

Accessing the Upstream HTTP Errors Report

Follow these steps to access the Upstream HTTP Errors report:

  1. Log in to the Distil Networks Portal to access the Domains dashboard.
  2. Select a domain.
  3. Click Reports on the banner menu.

  4. Click Traffic Overview to expand the Reports dropdown menu.
  5. Click Upstream HTTP Errors.

Reviewing the Upstream HTTP Errors Report

 The Upstream HTTP Errors report includes:

  • Time Table – An organized breakdown of HTTP error codes returned by your origin server to Distil.
  • Breakdown of Errors by HTTP Error Code – Number of requests associated with each HTTP error code.
  • 4xx and 5xx Errors by Day – Total number of HTTP errors returned on a specific date.

Select a day from the Time Table to drill down even deeper, breaking out HTTP errors on a specific day hour by hour.

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