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Although your site lies prey to any number of bad bots—ones that attempt scraping, brute force attacks, competitive data mining, brownouts, account hijacking, and more, the good news is that not all bots are bad.  

Good bots include search engine crawlers from Google, Bingbot, Yahoo Slurp, Baidu, Lycos, Yandex, et al. Like those, social media crawlers from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ help humans find and access your site.

By using the good bot report, you can understand the traffic patterns and origin sources of the benevolent bots visiting your site. This information may be helpful in optimizing your website to cater to these bots if needed.

Accessing the Good Bots Report

Follow these steps to access the Good Bots report: 

  1. Log in to the Distil Networks Portal to access the Domains dashboard.
  2. Select a domain.
  3. Click Reports on the banner menu.
  4. Click Traffic Overview to expand the Reports dropdown menu.
  5. Click Good Bots.

Reviewing the Good Bots Report

The Good Bots Report displays a snapshot of the top good bots crawling your site, including:

  • Date Filter – Specific date range highlighted by the Good Bots Report. 
  • Bot Name – Name of the good bot crawling your site (Googlebot, Bingbot, Facebook, Twitterbot, et al.).
  • # of Requests – Total number of requests attempted by good bots on the specific date.
  • Add to Graph – Click the third-column box of any good bot row in the table to add the good bot’s data to the Daily Good Bot Requests graph. Click the box again to remove the good bot’s data from the graph.
  • Daily Good Bot Requests – Visual breakdown of the top good bots crawling your site. Select a good bot below the graph to remove the good bot’s data from the graph.
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