Subscriber API Security Overview

Distil’s Web Security solution protects your websites’ content through an evolving mix of detection methods, response actions, and more. Our API Security introduces protection that is of equal importance in defending against automated attacks, API abuse, and developer errors.

Whether your APIs power a front-end website, partner data access, or a mobile client, Distil automatically protects them and enforces all business rules you’ve put in place.

Distil’s API Security protects your APIs from:

  • Malicious API usage – Unwanted third-parties who adhere to acceptable use and rate rules to achieve nefarious ends
  • API developer errors – Unintended downtime when API endpoints get hammered by runaway scripts or poorly designed interfaces
  • Automated API scraping – By way of your API, malicious bots directly pull down online content and data within minutes
  • Web & mobile API hijacking – Hackers dissect how web and mobile apps interact with their API

The API Security area within the Distil Portal provides all of the necessary tools you’ll need to manage your API protection with Distil, including:

  • Domain Management – Add and manage your API domains and endpoints using protection settings and security rules
  • Settings – Establish basic API domain attributes—including session timeout lengths, token placement priority and Distil authentication headers
  • Security Settings – Tailor security rules to monitor and/or block requests for individual APIs
  • Reports – View detailed reports of traffic (and violators) visiting your site

For web & mobile app API protection, refer to section Web & Mobile App Overview.

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