Malicious Countries Report

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Another way to organize bad bot traffic is by country of origin. Some countries have a higher percentage of bad bots; this can be due to a high number of low-cost hosting providers or position as a data hub for nearby countries. Traffic from such countries—prone to bad bots—might not be of value to your organization, especially if the number of attacks they generate outweigh human visitors.

The Malicious Countries report shows an interactive overview as to where your bad bots are originating.

Countries having a higher density of bad bots appear in a deeper shade of red. Those with a moderate density of bad bots are displayed in a lighter shade of red. Light gray denotes countries not having any record of bad bots (in relation to your network).

You can use the data from this report to modify your Country Block List, thereby filtering out attack attempts originating from malicious countries.

Accessing the Malicious Countries Report

Follow these steps to access the Malicious Countries report:

  1. Log in to the Distil Portal.
  2. Select a domain from your Domains dashboard.
  3. Click the Reports dropdown menu.
  4. Select Malicious Countries.

Reviewing the Malicious Countries Report

The Malicious Countries report displays geographic origins of bad bots targeting your site, including:

  • Date Filter – Specific date range highlighted by the report. 
  • Where the bad bots are coming from… – Geographic origin of bad bots accessing your site.
  • View info table >> – Using your mouse on the world map view, hover over any country to review a detailed breakdown of bad bot traffic. Or switch to a table view.
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