Targeted Content Report

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The Targeted Content report provides a quick and comprehensive overview of the top URLs being targeted by malicious bots for a domain. Using this report, you can:

  • Understand the nature of your bot problem.
  • Perform ROI Analysis on each incoming bot threat.
  • Configure key protection settings to improve detection and security actions for targeted domains. 

Accessing the Targeted Content Report

Access the Targeted Content report by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to the Distil Networks Portal to access the Domains dashboard.
  2. Select a domain.
  3. Click Reports on the banner menu.
  4. Click Threats Overview to expand the Reports dropdown menu.
  5. Click Targeted Content. 

Targeted Content Report by Domain

The Targeted Content report shows a snapshot of the top 100 paths (URLs) within a domain being hit the hardest by malicious bots on any given day, including:

  • Date Filter – Specific date highlighted by the Targeted Content Report. Presents data collected in the past 14 days, including the current date.
  • Path – URL targeted by bad bots.
  • Bad Bot Requests – Total number of requests attempted by bad bots on the specific date.
  • Response Codes by Total Percentage – Breakdown of protective actions taken by Distil against all bad bot requests for the top targeted paths.
  • Top 4 Threats by Overall Percentage – Breakdown of the top four mechanisms that triggered protective actions taken by Distil.

Select a specific path from the list to review detailed threats and responses.

Targeted Content Report by Path

Clicking through to a specific path within a domain shows a detailed breakdown of activity associated with the path, including:

  • Path – Specific path associated with the Targeted Content Report.
  • Date – Specific date associated with the Targeted Content Report.
  • Threats Breakdown by Requests – Breakdown of the all threats or violations that triggered protective actions taken by Distil.
  • Request Responses – Breakdown of all protective actions taken by Distil against all bad bot threats and violations for the specific path.

The threats breakdown chart shows a distribution of “how the bot was identified” and provides hints at the sophistication of the bots targeting this page. For example, the threats breakdown chart for the path below shows that roughly 800 bots failed to either load or pass JavaScript tests.

Using the data collected in the Targeted Content Report, you can customize responses and protective actions that react to the biggest threats against your domains.

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