Applying Content Protection and Content Distribution Settings to Multiple Domains

Within the Distil Portal, you can manage Content Protection and Content Distribution settings for all of your domains in a single place. At times, though, you will need to implement widespread protection and distribution settings across multiple domains. For example, an organization sets a new security policy to block any and all anonymous proxies from visiting their websites. Or, an organization needs to improve load times by enabling cache for all of their managed domains. Rather than keep track of a lengthy domain list and manually alter settings one domain at a time, provision protection settings to all intended domains with a single click.

Keep in mind, provisioning Content Protection and Content Distribution settings in bulk will apply all current settings to all selected domains and override the selected domains’ existing settings. For example, if you change I Want To Block Anonymous Proxies to Yes and apply the setting to other domains, the other domains will change I Want To Block Anonymous Proxies to Yes, along with any other settings configured for the initial domain.

Managing the protection settings of multiple domains is just as simple as managing the protection settings of a single domain.

  1. Access and configure the Content Protection and/or Content Distribution settings for one of your domains.
  2. Click Apply Settings to Other Domains.
  3. Select the checkboxes of the domains to which you are deploying the settings.
  4. Click Save to apply the changes to all selected domains.


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