Getting Help from Distil Support

There are three ways to get help from Distil Support:

  1. Distil Portal
  2. Email
  3. Phone* 

NOTE: Phone support is available with VIP and Gold SLAs.

Submitting Support Requests via the Distil Portal

The best way to submit support requests is via the Distil Portal. Doing so ensures that your request is properly associated to your account and Support SLA. To submit a support request in the Portal, select the Help button in the bottom right of the browser window. The Help button opens a search box which is linked to Distil's knowledge base, allowing you to research existing support articles and guides. Enter a relevant phrase to see results in our knowledge base, or select Contact Us to submit a support request.

Submitting Support Requests via Email

You can submit support requests to Distil by sending an email to It is important that you use the same email address that is associated with your Distil Portal login account in order to properly associate the case to your account and Support SLA.

Submitting Support Requests by Phone

Phone support is available for VIP and Gold SLA customers Monday-Friday, 4am to 8pm Eastern US Time, excluding holidays (consult your support agreement or contact your account executive for phone contact information). VIP and Gold SLA customers should still submit urgent requests via the Distil Portal as described above.

Submitting Urgent Requests

For customers with an VIP and Gold SLA, Distil offers 24x7 Support for critical issues (consult your Support SLA for definitions). In order to trigger an escalation between 8pm and 8am Eastern US Time, you must log in to the Distil Portal and submit your support request and mark the request Critical.

Ticket Submission Best Practices

Distil support handles various types of support requests and for each type of request, specific information will be required. Providing the necessary information up front will ensure that the issue is identified and resolved as quickly as possible. The following list of request types is not comprehensive, but gives an overview of the common support types and the information needed when submitting.

I think a Bot is Getting Through Distil
Required: Domain, Date/time/timezone, IP or User Agent
Optional: URL(s), Distil IDs

I have been Blocked from accessing my own site
Required: Domain, Source IP address, Trace information from Block Page

I'm getting a CAPTCHA on my own site
Required: Domain, Source IP address, Trace information from CAPTCHA Page

My site is Performing Slowly and I think it's caused by Distil
Required: Traceroute to your website
Optional: MTR to your website

My website monitoring, SEO, or other tool is being blocked by Distil
Required: Domain, IP or User Agent of the bot

Calls to my API are being blocked by Distil
Required: API domain and path
Optional: Source IP or network, Requesting Application

My site is not rendering properly on Distil
Required: Domain, details on the issue, steps to reproduce the issue.

I'm getting a Distil 504 or Distil 502 error page
See the special support pages for these Distil Error pages for more information.

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