What's the Difference Between Monitor, CAPTCHA, Block, and Drop?

When Distil takes action on a suspicious request, we serve a page that informs the client that we are restricting access to the page. You can configure the content protection actions for your site in the Distil Portal. To access the content protection settings for your site, log in to the Distil Portal and select your domain. Navigate to Settings > Content Protection. You can select Monitor, CAPTCHA, Block, or Drop as threat protection responses. 

Monitor - Distil inspects requests but does not take any action. Distil records traffic on its server logs. To integrate your logs with Distil's server logs, please see How Can I Set Distil to Only Monitor Bots? and Logging Integration.

Add consistency to your site with custom CAPTCHA, block, and drop pages. For more information on making a custom page, please see Creating Custom Pages.

CAPTCHA - Distil serves a hardened CAPTCHA test to the client for verification. See a CAPTCHA page in action:

Block - Distil serves the client an unblock verification form. The client completes and submits the form. Distil support reviews the form and unblocks the client if Distil does not detect any suspicious activity. See a block page in action: 

Drop - Distil serves an access denied page with no client verification. See a drop page in action:

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