How Do I Reset My Two-Factor Authentication?

In some cases, you will need to reset a user’s two-factor authentication (2FA) password. For example, if a user has lost their 2FA device, entered in the wrong phone number at 2FA configuration, or is locked out of their account because of 2FA for any other reason.

Account Admins can disable a user's 2FA password.

To disable a user’s 2FA password:

  1. Log in to the Distil Portal.

  2. Click your username in the top banner menu and select account management.
  3. Select the appropriate user from the User Management list.

  4. Click Disable two-factor.

Now that the user’s 2FA is reset, the user must:

  1. Log in to the Distil Portal using their normal username and password credentials (no 2FA).
  2. Click their username in the top banner menu and select User Settings.

  3. In Additional Security Settings, click edit.
  4. Enter the appropriate Country code and Cellphone number, respectively.
  5. Click Save Changes.
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