What are the Recommended Content Protection Settings?

Week 1 Settings

Now that your website is on Distil Networks, it's time to configure your content protection settings. We recommend logging into the Distil Networks portal and enabling the following protection for your domain. You can access your content protection settings by choosing a domain, clicking "Settings" and then "Content Protection."

Content Protection Recommended Values:
  • Block request from Known Signatures
  • Block request from Identities
  • Captcha requests that fail Automated Browsers
Manage Referrers & Proxies:
  • Yes I want to block Anonymous Proxies
Manage Rate Limiting:
  • Monitor Pages per Minute 
  • Monitor Pages per Session 
  • Monitor Session Length 
Note: It's important to leave all rate limiting settings on "Monitor" for at least one week while the Distil service analyzes your site's traffic patterns.

These settings are a great place to start protecting your website and can be tweaked to fit your needs if necessary.

After Week 1

Increase your protection with Rate Limiting. After initially starting your trial, Distil began detecting bad bot requests. Through machine learning, it also began analyzing the traffic patterns of your human visitors and building a unique profile for your domain. It's now time to catch even more bots by enabling Rate Limiting.

We recommend logging into the Distil Networks Portal and enabling the rate limiting values that are suggested for Pages per Minute, Pages per Session, and Session Length. You will find your custom recommendations underneath each setting. Currently, default values are in place.

You can access these settings by logging in, choosing a domain, clicking "Settings" and then "Content Protection." We recommend setting each to Captcha.

Manage Rate Limiting:
  • Captcha when Pages per Minute exceeds our recommended setting
  • Captcha when Pages per Session exceeds our recommended setting
  • Captcha when Session Length exceeds our recommended setting
Enabling these settings will provide even more protection for your website. Rate limiting settings are calculated on a per domain basis, meaning if you have additional domains on Distil Networks, you'll want to view each domain's suggested rate limiting values. As a reminder, don't set any rate limiting values on other domains until they've been on the Distil Networks platform for at least 7 days. This allows Distil to get an idea of a full week's worth of traffic which makes the rate limiting calculations as effective as possible.
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