HTTP 400 Error Page: Bad Request

​This is an error page that Distil displays to client browsers when we are having issues serving the current request.

What is this page showing me?

  • There was an error servicing the request,
  • Information about the request that failed, and
  • Tracking numbers necessary for Distil's Support Team to investigate the root cause of the error.

What is the most likely cause of this error?

In almost all cases, a 400 error is related to an issue with the request being made. Issues include headers or cookies that or too large for the server to parse, as well as request URLs that are longer than a server can parse.

Things you should try before contacting Distil

Try clearing any cookies in your browser for the requested domain. Over time, cookie size can grow when visiting websites, causing issues in some cases.

What do I need to send to Distil Support?

When submitting a support request to Distil to investigate this error, it is important to provide the trace information from the error page. Please don't send a screenshot. Rather, copy and paste the trace information. When copied and pasted, the text will look like this (from item 3 above):

You reached this page when attempting to access from on 2015-12-25 01:23:45 GMT. Trace: BB1EDE86-8FA5-11E4-B9B7-AC009C5BE403 (400) via b3a86554-de04-4db6-bf5a-ae890e529127; .454 / 673

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