Logging Integration

Running your site through Distil can impact server-based analytics packages that gather information from scraping your web access logs. This is because as bad traffic is mitigated from reaching origin, your numbers will reflect human usage versus human-and-bot usage. 

If you disable caching, Distil will pass all requests, based on your threat responses, back to the origin server.  When caching is enabled, Distil will cache all images, by default, at our regional endpoints. In addition, we will cache any page with the extensions specified in your portal settings.  

NOTE: If HTTP cache headers are explicitly defined, Distil's edge nodes will respect and override any Portal settings. 

Headers and Cookies
The Distil nodes will pass back all associated headers and cookies related to the request. Please email for more detailed descriptions of these objects. 

Use these headers and cookies to: 

  • Track bot clients and cookies.
  • Count how many bot devices share a common IP address.
  • Measure how much bot traffic (number and percent) originate from a particular IP address.
  • Identify users that are served CAPTCHA or Block pages.
  • Analyze all requests from a particular bot device or a specific IP address.
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