How Do I Migrate To Distil: Linode

Migrating Your Website to Distil Using Linode DNS:

Linode provides an easy to use and understand DNS system.  Migrating your Linode domain is a simple process that involves two steps:

  • Change your CNAME record for to point to a CNAME provided by Distil
  • Change your A Record entry for to point to an IP provided by Distil 

Editing your www CNAME to point to Distil's Network

  1. ​Log into your account manager at Linode. 
  2. Click Linode Manager. 
  3. Click DNS Manager. 
  4. Scroll down to CNAME Records.
  5. Click Add a new CNAME record. 
  6. In the Aliases to field, enter www.
  7. Enter in the Hostname field. 
  8. Click Save.

Editing your root domain A Record to point to Distil's Network

  1. Log into Linode 
  2. Click Linode Manager 
  3. Click DNS Manager 
  4. Scroll down to A/AAAA Records 
  5. In the first row under Options click Edit 
  6. Enter the IP address given to you by Distil in either the Add Domain wizard in the portal or in your deployment email
  7. Click Save
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