Functional Testing Before Onboarding with Distil

When onboarding with Distil, you should conduct functional tests to remove the chance of any unexpected false positives. To conduct Distil’s basic functional tests, follow the steps below and reach out to your solutions engineer (SE) to help troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

  1. Set your local HOSTS file to point to your Distil IP address.

  2. Set all threat responses in the Distil Portal to CAPTCHA.

  3. Test all normal workflows for regression. This is critical to ensure that Distil injections and browser identification processes do not interrupt normal end- user actions.

    If a CAPTCHA page is served, record the trace posted at the bottom of the screen and provide to Distil to investigate.


    Additionally, review debugging response headers for expected and appropriate request rates. Remember that your Distil SE can assist with this step, if necessary.

  4. Reset all threat responses in the Distil Portal to Monitor.

Your system is now fully tested; you can confidently go live with Distil without concern regarding the risk of false positives.

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