Requesting a New VDMS SSL Certificate

This article details the required information to request a new VDMS SSL certificate for your Distil-protected domain and the subsequent process.

NOTE: If you have a third-party CDN, there may be there may be functionality restrictions. Please contact your sales engineer for further information.

1. Required Information

Here is the information Distil needs to order your VDMS certificate:

  • List of all domains requiring SSL traffic on the Distil Secure CDN within the next 90 days
  • List of all domains requiring SSL traffic on the Distil Secure CDN within the next 12 months
  • Common Name of the certificate
  • Full list of additional domains for your cert (if applicable)
  • Preferred deployment timeline (immediate/scheduled)
  • Full legal organization name and legal address

NOTE: Please ensure that you provide your complete, accurate legal name and address to avoid any validation delay.

Once you have gathered the required information, provide it to your Distil sales engineer to begin the certificate request process.

2. Process

Once a request is made, the expected turnaround time to acquire and deploy an SSL cert is 5 – 7 business days.

To obtain your certificate, email the required information to your Distil sales engineer. Then:

  1. Distil submits your order to our certificate provider, DigiCert. Please expect to receive two emails from DigiCert as noted below.
  2. DigiCert first looks to verify your company through a governmental entity. If verification isn’t possible, DigiCert will email you directly to request the following:
    • An online government source that shows your organization registration
    • A validation document from their approved list of documents
    • A proof of address document
  1. Distil provides you with a token to add as a TXT record to your domain’s root DNS entry (additional tokens will be provided for each domain to be added to the certificate)
  2. DigiCert validates your domain(s) via DNS and issues your certificate to VDMS.
  3. VDMS deploys your certificate to their network.
  4. Distil will migrate your Distil CNAME to the new VDMS SSL cluster depending on your requested deployment timeline.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your sales engineer.

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