Distil Product Updates - August 2017

New Product Available: Bot Defense for API

Distil now fully protects API servers powering your website by confirming that a human is using a verified browser to gain access. This solution uses a mix of our Hi-Def Fingerprint, browser detection and validation, and rate limiting to protect your API servers. Watch our recent webinar and our Portal tour video for more information.


New Product Available: Bot Defense for Mobile Apps

Distil now also protects API servers that power your mobile application by confirming a human is using a verified mobile device to gain access. This solution leverages the newly released Distil SDK to detect malicious app abuse, such as emulation, automation, reverse engineering, known violator datacenters, and token tampering. Check out our Help Center articles for more information.

Distil’s Expanded and Empowered CDN

We’re excited to announce the newest enhancement of our market-leading bot mitigation technology. It replaces our existing CDN and offers you a more reliable, scalable, and efficient service, featuring 100+ PoPs (points of presence), 3,000+ interconnects, and 31 Tbps network capacity.


Available this week, FunCaptcha is an alternative solution to Google’s reCAPTCHA. Using a mix of customizable themes, picture puzzles, and games, FunCaptcha is highly resistant to bot attacks, including client decryption, brute forcing, and machine learning approaches. FunCaptcha also lets you design CAPTCHA forms that comply with your corporate brand guidelines.

Bot Discovery for Google Analytics

We recently launched Distil Bot Discovery, a one-click free offering that integrates with Google Analytics to find and filter bot traffic. The tool removes bad bot data used by competitors, hackers, and fraudsters. Such data are the primary culprits behind web scraping, brute force attacks, competitive data mining, online fraud, account hijacking, data theft, spam, digital ad fraud, and downtime.

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