Verify the Google Analytics Tag is Deployed on the Page

Begin by inspecting an element on a page to confirm that the GA tags are deployed correctly. This ensures that your page is successfully initiating the current GA script (analytics.js, rather than the legacy GA tag ga.js) to collect and pass data onto your GA account.

  1. Visit a page of a domain where your DBD tag is deployed. For example,
  2. Right-click anywhere on the page and then select Inspect.
    NOTE: This step is specific to the Google Chrome web browser.

  3. After the browser launches the Developer Tools menu, select the Elements tab.
  4. Search (Windows = Ctrl + F, Mac = Command + F) for “analytics” to locate an instance of //
    • If the GA tag is not present, that means it isn’t loading on the page. Stop here and deploy the GA tag on your site.
    • If the current GA tag is present, proceed to the next section.
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