Distil SDK FAQs

How does the SDK impact jailbroken devices?

Jailbroken devices are not necessarily bad actors. We indicate a jailbroken device in our logs, but we do not block them from accessing API servers.


How is the Distil SDK actually deployed and what do I need to do from my side?

The SDK uses the existing Distil platform and is deployed in our existing deployment options. You only need an instance of Distil protecting your domain, in addition to integration of the Distil SDK library with your app.


How is the token requested?

Token requests are completely transparent and are handled by the Distil SDK.


What happens if the SDK fails to receive the token? What if the SDK fails to retrieve the token?

The SDK uses the same channel as the mobile app. As long as the Distil edge node is online, it will retrieve the token. If the edge node goes offline, all traffic is sent directly to the customer’s origin server.


Is the edge node location embedded in the SDK? Or is it something that can be configurable?

The edge node is not embedded. The SDK sends a request under your URL, which is captured by our edge node.


How do you distribute your SDK releases?

We distribute the SDK on request. Simply ask your AE for your unique Distil SDK version.


What is the estimated latency?

The SDK requests a new token every five (5) minutes to prevent each API request from requesting a token. Therefore, there is no latency—unless an API request happens when a new token is required. The entire challenge<>response and token request process takes well below one (1) second.


Does the SDK check IP addresses for VPN?

We check traffic against our list of known threats. Known threats include a mix of known violators, data centers, identities, aggregator user agents, and automated browsers. For example, if we have detected a known violator on another site, your own site is automatically protected from that threat. VPN exit nodes usually come from data centers, so we would detect those with this check.


Does the SDK work when a user clicks a certain link, or can it run in "stealth" mode all the time?

The SDK is in constant operation. Every few minutes, the SDK automatically does a full check of the device it’s running on and reports back to the Distil instance on the threats it’s detected (emulators, device farms, jailbroken devices, etc). We then track violations by issuing a temporary token, which is included on each request back to origin for each API call.


What is the size of the Distil SDK?

The Distil SDK for Android is 322kB. The Distil SDK for iOS is 379 kB.

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