Bot Report

Accessible via Top 5 Request Paths with Violations, Top 5 IPs with Violations, and the Top 5 Violations, the Bot report provides additional insight into malicious requests attempting to access your APIs.

To access the Bot report:

  1. Log in to the Distil Portal.

  2. Click API Security on the top banner menu, then select Web & Mobile App API.


  3. Select an API URL or path from your API URLs dashboard.

  4. Select Show All or a specific record from either Top 5 Request Paths with Violations, Top 5 IPs with Violations, or Top 5 Violations.


Using the Bot report, you can filter your API traffic even further by:

  • Path Dropdown – Isolate the Bot report to show data for a specific path
  • Date Filter – Set a specific traffic date range highlighted on the Bot report

  • Bad Requests – Total number of bad requests associated with the record.
  • Bot Details – Additional bot details, including a breakdown of How we protected you and daily bad requests.

As you drill down into the Bot report data, selected filters appear next to the Date Filter in the top menu. Remove filters by clicking the X icon for any given filter.



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