Automated Threats Policy


No Distil Identifier

Distil inspects each API request for an identifier denoting how the requested API URL is used. If the associated identifier  does not match the API URL’s Identifier Provider (configured when adding the API URL), or does not have a Distil identifier, then Distil automatically responds with the configured threat response.

For example, an API URL is configured with the Identity Provider of Web Security. If an API request for the URL is made using a mobile app built with the mobile SDK, then the request’s Distil identifier is Mobile SDK and Distil responds with the configured automated response.

Known Threat Detected

Distil maintains a shared access control list (ACL) of prior threats that have already been detected across our network. Known Threats include a mix of known violators, data centers, identities, aggregator user agents, and automated browsers. For example, if we have detected a known violator on another site, your own site is automatically protected from that threat.

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