Adding the Distil Bot Discovery Tag to a Tealium Site

To add the Distil Bot Discovery tag to a Tealium site:

  1. Log in to your Tealium iQ account.

  2. Click Tags in the banner menu.


  3. Click + Add Tag.


  4. Search for “generic” to find the Tealium Generic Tag,  and then click + Add.


  5. Enter the name “Distil Bot Discovery Tag” in the Title box.


  6. Enter the following values in the Vendor Configuration fields.
    1. Type – Script
    2. HTTP URL//

      NOTE: The publisher key ("ad1WvQYK5HZeJQuoI28Fh0ESnlHSbxJBB3suoOt1") is unique to your Distil Bot Discovery. Do not use the example key in step 6.2.

    3. HTTPS URL – [n/a - leave blank]

      NOTE: The HTTPS URL field is optional. However, ensure your HTTP URL (step 6.2) begins with //.

    4. Static ParamsGA_TID=UA-12345678-9&GA_CDI=3

      NOTE: The GA_TID and GA_CDI are specific to your Google Analytics account. Do not use the example values in step 6.4. 

    5. Auto Cache Bust – Disable

    6. Cache Bust Name –  [n/a - leave blank]
  1. Click Finish.

    NOTE: You can optionally click Next to configure the Load Rules and Data Mappings.

  2. Ensure the tag toggle is ON.


  3. Click Save/Publish.


Refer to Tealium’s community help page for more information on setting up a generic tag.

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