Distil Bot Discovery FAQs

Read through these frequently asked questions below, or contact us for more information. 

  • Does Distil Bot Discovery block bots from hitting my site?
    No, Distil Bot Discovery is a free Google Analytics plugin that lets you filter bot data from your Google Analytics reports. If you want to proactively block bots before they hit your site, learn more about the Distil bot defense service.

  • Is Distil Bot Discovery really free?
    Yes, Distil Bot Discovery is free for Google Analytics. Please call us for pricing if you use Google Analytics 360 or another analytics platform.

  • How do I install the tag on my site?
    Once you’ve created your tag, copy and paste in the header of your site. For further details see our tag deployment instructions

  • How do I make the data appear in my Google Analytics account?
    To get data into Google Analytics, we need your UA Tracking ID, and the Custom Dimension index you want to use. We will then generate a custom tag for you, which you deploy in the header of your site. You then log into Google Analytics and create a new custom segment you can add to any of your reports. Full details are on our Google Analytics instructions.

  • I’ve installed the tag but I’m still not seeing data. What do I do?
    Take a look at our tag deployment instructions for detailed instructions to properly set up your tag. You might also read through our support database at If you’re still having issues you can submit a request to our support team.

  • Google Analytics won’t let me add any more Custom Dimensions. What now?
    Google only allows 20 custom dimensions per GA account. You cannot delete them, but you can alter them. If you already have 20 custom dimensions, you will need to edit one or more of them.

  • What happens if I go over 10 million calls?
    If you go over 10 million calls, we will contact you and throttle down your usage. We will not cut you off without notice.

  • Why is my Are You a Human login page redirecting to Distil Networks?
    Are You a Human was acquired by Distil Networks. Read the press release here. Your account still works as it did before and you get even better bot detection. You now also have the option of blocking bots before they hit your site. Learn more about Distil’s bot defense service if you’re interested in proactive bot prevention.
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