Deploying the Distil Bot Discovery Tag to Your Site

NOTE: This article specifically relates to Distil's Bot Discovery product. For information specific to Distil's Bot Defense for Web product, please refer to Integrating With Google Tag Manager.

In its simplest form, the Distil Bot Discovery tag is a code snippet that can be deployed across your entire site or individual pages of your site. Along with other metrics, it collects interaction data that are then used to determine if visitors are human or not.

The Distil Bot Discovery tag is comprised of three main parts, each shown below in black text, red text, and blue text:

NOTE: The following tag is only an example and should not be deployed to your site.

<!--/*Distil Tag*/-->

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<noscript><img src=""></noscript>

<!--/*Distil Tag*/-->

In the above example, the black text is the main tag text. The red text is your unique GA Tracking ID that Distil uses to send data to your account. The blue text indicates the custom dimension to which you want Distil to send data.

Simply copy the Distil Bot Discovery tag we generate for you, then add it to the header of your site. You can do this manually or through a tag manager, such as Google Tag Manager.

NOTE: You can also follow our instructions for adding the Distil Bot Discovery tag to a third-party site.

To deploy the tag using Google Tag Manager:

  1. Click ADD A NEW TAG.


  2. Select Tag Configuration.


  3. Select Custom HTML.


  4. Paste your tag in the HTML box, and then click Save.


  5. Preview your tag, and then publish it.

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