Distil Product Updates - March 2017


Set Content Protection Policies for Individual Paths

You can now tailor specific content protection settings for individual paths. This is especially useful for site pages requiring unique sets of protection policies, such as login pages or set of product pages. Watch our video overview and read more about using this feature in the Portal.

Protect Your Static Content

You can now protect your static assets using a Distil-published and -curated access control list. These assets typically include images (.jpg, .png, .gif), JavaScript (.js), .css, and more. Configure this static content ACL according to your business needs and enable or disable automatic updates at any time.

Set Expiration for Your ACLs

Use the Expiration field to set stop times for your ACLs. These are especially useful when setting up coordinated windows to allow or deny access according to IP, country, referrer, and more.

2017 Bad Bot Report

Next month find out which OWASP automated threat exploits are attacking businesses’ websites and APIs. We’re putting the finishing touches on Distil’s latest Bad Bot Report, detailing the sources, types, and sophistication levels of last year's bot attacks.

Billable Requests Report

You no longer need to estimate your billable requests. We’ve recently added the Billable Requests report to the Distil Portal to show exactly how many billable requests were made for your site during a given duration.


Configure Multilingual Threat Response Pages

If your website serves a global audience and you’re using Distil custom-branded threat response pages, you can improve the end user experience by displaying each page in any user’s preferred language.




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