Slowness and Intermittent Site Unavailability in the U.S. - February 15, 2017

UPDATE - 2/16/17 2:00PM EST

On Feb. 15th, 2017 at 15:20 UTC Distil’s upstream provider informed Distil of a routing issue out of their New York facility. This led to the temporary removal of Distil’s New Jersey site at 15:32 UTC in order to limit service impact. The split of traffic to other sites inadvertently led to Distil hitting limits out of the Atlanta node which led to periods of intermittent degradation and slowness for some customers. Upon review of the problem in Atlanta, Distil immediately added New Jersey back to rotation to restabilize the network. As a a followup, Distil has modified connection limits with its provider, will be turning up an additional node, and will gradually be transitioning to the Verizon CDN as part of the Verizon/Distil partnership. Additional information on the partnership can be found here.


UPDATE - 2/15/17 12:30PM EST

From 15:32 to 16:13 GMT, Distil experienced issues with our upstream provider which resulted in some customers experiencing latency and intermittent site availability in the U.S. Distil is working with the provider to resolve and prevent any issues going forward. Additional details will be provided very soon. 

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