Automated Threat Responses

Configure your automated threat responses using Content Protection settings.

Automated threat responses include:


Identify bots without taking any action. Distil automatically runs our entire detection suite, but does not take action. However, Distil does embed an X-Distil bot header that identifies the type of bot and the different threats that it failed, if applicable.


Present a CAPTCHA form to verify incoming questionable requests. CAPTCHA forms are less aggressive than a block page but do provide an effective Turing test against malicious bots.


Present a form where an end user can submit a request to be unblocked. The Distil support team handles unblock requests, subsequently investigating and unblocking validated requests. Unblock requests are rarely completed by a human user who has been improperly flagged as a bad bot. Instead, they are completed by a bot designed to spam forms. When necessary, Distil unblocks legitimate users.


Serve a drop page to the requester indicating their access to the content has been blocked. The requester is unable to request access or complete additional CAPTCHA forms.

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