Editing Default Settings

By editing a domain’s default settings, you can configure automated responses to thwart attacks against your entire site and all of its content. You can also tailor specific settings for individual paths.

NOTE: This feature is available to domains that have been migrated to the latest version of Distil.

To access default content protection settings for a domain:

  1. Log in to the Distil Portal.
  2. Select a domain from your Domains dashboard.
  3. Click Settings on the banner menu.
  4. Click Edit Default Settings in the Content Protection section.

Content protection settings are organized by tabs, including:

  • Automated Threats Policy – Known violators, known violator data centers, identities, aggregator user agents, and automated browsers. 
  • JavaScript Injection Configuration – JS delay, threshold, location, prefix, and generated encoding.
  • Machine Learning Policy – Estimated graph and threshold slider.
  • Rate Limiting Policy – Pages per minute, pages per session, and session length.

You can activate multiple threat responses for Distil to use in automatically mitigating threats.

NOTE: All of these settings default to monitor-only mode for new customers.

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