Editing Default Settings

By editing a domain’s default settings, you can configure automated responses to thwart attacks against your entire site and all of its content. You can also tailor specific settings for individual paths.

To access default content protection settings for a domain:

  1. Log in to the Distil Portal.
  2. Select a domain from your Domains dashboard.
  3. Click Settings on the banner menu.
  4. Click Edit Default Settings in the Content Protection section.

Content protection settings are organized by tabs, including:

  • Automated Threats Policy – Known violators, known violator data centers, identities, aggregator user agents, and automated browsers. 
  • JavaScript Injection Configuration – JS delay, threshold, location, prefix, and generated encoding.
  • Machine Learning Policy – Estimated graph and threshold slider.
  • Rate Limiting Policy – Pages per minute, pages per session, and session length.

You can activate multiple threat responses for Distil to use in automatically mitigating threats.

NOTE: All of these settings default to monitor-only mode for new customers.

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