Why Did My Traffic Overview Report Change After My Domains Were Migrated?

The Classic version of Distil did not protect static assets. Those typically include JavaScript (.js), images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif), stylesheets (.css) and other relatively unchanging file types (.pdf, .axd, etc.).

The Apollo version of Distil does protect all your content—including static assets. In order to make your transition to the latest Distil version, we’ve maintained this behavior by default by whitelisting your static content using Distil Published ACLs.

You will notice a rise in whitelisted traffic, since more of your assets (URLs) are being whitelisted and protected by Distil.

NOTE: Requests for static assets are not counted against your billable requests.

To disable or manage your static content whitelist, log in to the Distil Portal and navigate to Distil Published ACLs.

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