Atlanta Data Center Outage - January 23, 2017

FINAL UPDATE - 1/24/17 6:00PM EST
On Jan 23, 2017 at 19:44 Distil began experiencing issues with flapping with our service provider at our Atlanta node. Distil was able to work with the provider to resolve the issue and remove the BGP sessions to ensure traffic was routed to other locations. The final resolution time was 20:43 UTC.

UPDATE - 1/23/17 4:15PM EST
Our Operations Team has resolved the issue.

UPDATE - 1/23/17 3:30PM EST

Currently, the Distil Network is experiencing an issue with the Atlanta Data Center. This outage only affects our Public Cloud customers. Our Operations Team is working with our provider at this time to resolve the issue. We will provide more details as soon as possible.

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